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Transgender Flag Is Essential To Your Business

And let’s not overlook that on her first day in office, Wexton replaced the POW/MIA flag outside her workplace door with a transgender flag. Jennifer Wexton changed the last flag with a transgender flag. Show your support for Aliscia Andrews and against Jennifer Wexton, who does not help our navy or those who gave the ultimate sacrifice so we could stay free. Let’s go to the polls on November third to show our support for our POW/MIA and our navy that President Trump has worked arduously to build into, by far, the very best on the earth. This November, there will likely be a red wave across the nation on election day. Her actions drew criticism from navy groups and others across the nation. Yesterday Jennifer WextonVA10 was sworn into Congress. That is among the many reasons to vote in the 10th district to exchange Jennifer Wexton, the do-nothing supporter…

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