Android Kattappa,’ the Telugu version of Android Kunjappan: Android Kattappa

Android Kattappa,’ the Telugu version of Android Kunjappan: Android Kattappa

Android Kattappa is a south Indian Malayalam film later dubbed into Telugu as Android Kattappa. This movie was released in the year 2019 and did wonders as one of the kindest movies to ever release in the south Indian film industry. This is one of the best comedy movies online where you can watch an Android Kattappa movie online on Aha. This film makes you understand the emotional struggles an old man can go through when left alone by his son during his last days. This is a must watch film to watch along with your kids.


The story begins in a small village called Payyanur. Everything relating to technology is new to the people who reside in that village. Bhaskar Poduval, an old man who is stubborn about each and every aspect in life forces his son to stay back without leaving him for a job in another country. Subramanian (son), as a mechanical engineer, gets a job in a famous Japanese company and he has to go to russia to take up his job. Subramanian is up for it but his father is never interested and shown to be patriotic. His father never even accepts the fact of using technology as he believes that it is reducing the complex usage of the human brain. Subramanian leaves for Russia but still worries about his father. He sets up a female caretaker for his father who cooks and does work but as he’s in Russia, he gets a call from his friend who resides in the same village stating that the woman is not a good helper and he has to remove her and find a better one. Subramanian meets a japanese woman Hitomi whose father is Malayali. As she understands what Subramanian is going through, she introduces an AI robot caretaker which helped her father in his last days as suffering from Alzheimer’s. He thinks that a robot could be far better than any human to take care of his father and he takes that robot to his old man. What happens when Poduval see’s the robots and how they both are going to survive with each other is the story you should see.

Actors Performances:

  • Suraj Venjaramoodu as BHaskar Poduval does a great job into making people believe that he is literally an old man where he is just in the beginning of his 40’s. His acting towards the character that develops into something more is appreciable.
  • Soubin Shahir as Son did really well for his character.
  • Kendy Zirdo as Hitomi, a japanese woman mingled with indian traditional acting in a far more convincing way.

Cast and Crew:

Actors: Suraj Venjaramoodu, Kendy Zirdo, Soubin Shahir

Director: Ratheesh Balakrishnan Poduval

Producer: Santosh T. Kuruvilla

Music: Bijibal

Writer: Ratheesh Balakrishnan Poduval

Additional Information:

Initial release: 8 November 2019

Budget: ₹ 3 crore

Box office: ₹ 18 – 24 crore

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